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2016 Kiesel A6H Aries
[ Diamond White ]

- 5 piece maple neck w/walnut stripes

- Stainless steel medium jumbo frets

- Mahogany body w/ maple top

- Birdseye maple headstock
- Hipshot hardtail bridge

- Kiesel locking tuners

- Luminlay side dots
- Ebony fretboard
- Maple neck

- 25.5” scale

- Guitarmory Minuteman pickups
[ w/matching birdseye maple covers ]

My other workhorse guitar. I received this one in March of 2016 just in time for our US tour with Intervals and Plini. This was also the only guitar I took with me on our 2017 European tour with Andy James. It’s been used on every tour since 2016. I’ve also used it to record all of the rhythm tracks for the Etherius EP “Thread of Life,” as well as various solos and clean guitars. This has become my main guitar for drop A tuning in Etherius. I play this live during our songs “The Eye of Ra” and “Unity in Darkness.” I replaced the Kiesel pickups with a set of Guitarmory Minuteman 7’s for two reasons: Guitarmory made them to match the headstock, and they sound amazing in a variety of applications, even music that is not super heavy. This instrument was also featured in the Etherius music videos for the songs “Thread of Life,” “The Soothsayer,” “March and Defy,” and “The Rivers of Sand and Blood,” as well as various photoshoots.


Fun fact: For that first European tour, since I could only afford to take one instrument with me, I was so scared of breaking a string during our set that I would change them after only a few shows. I made it to the last show in Paris without breaking a string and of course, I had to break my most important string during the set. I never changed a string faster in my entire life! I think I only missed 30 or 40 seconds of the song we were playing.

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