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2015 Kiesel A6H Aries
[ Kiesel Racing Blue ]

- Mahogany body w/maple top

- Original Floyd Rose bridge
- Stainless steel jumbo frets
- Kiesel Lithium pickups

- Kiesel locking tuners
- 5 piece maple neck

- Luminlay side dots

- Ebony fretboard

- 25.5” scale

This is my workhorse guitar. I’ve played it on almost every tour since 2015 (it has the battle scars to prove it!). I acquired this guitar in October of 2015 during the first Angel Vivaldi tour when we had the opportunity to visit the Kiesel factory. Jeff Kiesel was nice enough to loan me two guitars to finish the tour and see how I liked them. It instantly became my main guitar. The only downside is that it has no fret markers, so sometimes it’s real easy to forget which fret I’m playing(the Luminlay side dots certainly help on a dark stage though!). This instrument was featured in the Etherius music videos for our songs “The Inevitable End” and “The Rivers of Sand and Blood.” It’s also been used to record most of the guitar solos on the Etherius EP “Thread of Life,” and our latest album, “Chaos. Order. Renewal.”

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