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27.5' scale baritone 7 string guitar

2017 Kiesel A7H Aries
[ Translucent Crimson Red ]

-5 piece walnut/maple neck w/purple heart stripes

-Hipshot hardtail bridge w/Kiesel locking tuners

-Kiesel treated birdseye maple fretboard

-Guitarmory Voyager 7 pickups

-Mahogany body w/maple top

-Gold jumbo frets

-27” scale length


I purchased this guitar in November of 2018 just before the Guitar Collective tour with Angel, Nita Strauss, and Jacky Vincent. I wanted an instrument that was eye catching from the stage, especially with the light show going on. This was my main instrument on that tour during the Angel set. The extended scale length does make it a bit more difficult to play, and I was discovering that my hands would be fatigued after playing this guitar for a full set. But it sounds amazing in the low register through a high gain set up so it has become my main instrument for tracking rhythm guitar in the studio. I used it for all of the rhythm tracks on the latest Etherius album “Chaos. Order. Renewal.” I replaced the Kiesel pickups with a set of Guitarmory Voyagers and I love the variety of clean, lead, and heavy rhythm tones I get. It’s also been featured in a bunch of photo shoots. Although the official color is “translucent crimson red” I call it the red sparkle bitch.

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