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2015 Ibanez Prestige RG652KFX

- Basswood body w/Australian blackwood top

- 5 piece maple/walnut super wizard HP neck

- Dimarzio Tone Zone bridge pickup

- Dimarzio Air Norton neck pickup

- Marbled rosewood fretboard

- Gibraltar Standard II bridge

- Gotoh locking tuners

- Jumbo nickel frets

- 25.5” scale


2015 Ibanez Prestige RG652KFX  ​

This guitar has probably seen the least amount of use of any of my instruments since I bought it in 2015. It’s tuned to D standard because sometimes I like to have a different instrument to inspire new ideas. We used it to record “The World Burning Around Me” from “The Speed of Dark Revisited” EP because we needed a 6 string in drop B tuning(those riffs are impossible to play on a 7 string!). It has never been used live, but it’s a beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Ibanez discontinued this model after 2017. I love the thin neck on this guitar for playing leads, yet it sounds chunky enough for heavy rhythm tones.

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