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Honestly, I really have no idea what any of the specs are on this guitar. I bought it for $150 when I was 15 and it was my main guitar in high school. I bought it because I loved the cherry red finish, and I always wanted a Flying V. I think I saved up every penny I made for a year to get this guitar since $150 was a lot of money for a kid with no job. I played it in high school talent shows, Christmas concerts, and I even used it when we played a gig at a friend’s sweet 16 party. I also played it in the church choir. I went to a Catholic high school and was part of the choir, so when the music teacher would ask me to play during communion, I would play all of the clean parts to every Metallica song I knew on this guitar. The pickups don’t work anymore,  but my plan is to rebuild it and get it back into playing condition. Maybe I’ll even break it out for a recording in the future.

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